Saturday, February 05, 2005

Communion from the Pope

Communion with Pope JPII Posted by Hello

I was going over my files in my old zip disks since I just installed the iomega zip driver in my new notebook. I came across this photo which was one of our most memorable trip.

My parents and I were given the privilege to hear mass near the Pope and most of all receive communion from him.

Actually the other members of our tour group were ecstatic since they were allowed to sit right in front of the altar where the Pope was saying mass (Well dad was the only St. Gregory Papal Awardee in the country during that time). There must have been several hundreds of thousands of people out in St Peters square during that time since it was Easter Sunday. It was telecast live all over the world.

Yes it was special and solemn but guess what? Something went wrong with my contact lens before we left the hotel so had to wear my eyeglasses.

I knew the Vatican official photographer was going to take our photo while we receive communion so I took my glasses off (haha vanity indeed!). Now the problem went like this. The middle aisle was an incline. There were some cobbled stone, so I had to walk so slooooooooowly in order not to trip. Yes still crazy me in spite of the solemnity of the situation.

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