Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Baden Baden Experience

After our conference in Wiesbaden, Susan and I were lucky enough to be able to ride with Christiane Walter, director of Messe Frankfurt going to the famous spa city Baden-Baden in Germany. We drove around two hours before we reached our hotel, the famous and most luxurious in the country, Brenner's Park Hotel and Spa Resort.

The photo above shows Brenner's park which I took right on our hotel balcony. We were given a tour of the spa by the SPA Manager that late afternoon and treated to cocktails and dinner at the garden restaurant of the hotel.

With Susan, Christiane and I, were Heinz and Franz from Tirol Wellness, Austria.

I was too embarrassed to take photos inside the spa itself so all you can see is the immaculately clean white walls of the entrance to the hotel spa.

You have a choice of products to choose from - Futuresse, Kanebo or Bulgari.

Now this is the interesting part when we took our spa treatment the following day. Susan originally reserved for aromatheraphy massage but ended up with Lomi-Lomi. I had a much needed deep tissure massage. We arrrived at the spa area earlier so we can use the wet floor.

When I entered the wet area, they were all nude! Yes I know we were told that this is normal around the saunas in the country but I was not totally unprepared seeing some of them who were speakers in the conference therefore we know personally.

After spending some time at the jacuzi, I entered the sauna to follow susan who was draped in towel like me. There were a couple of men inside in their natural glory! Well well, even if they laughed at us, I just cant follow suit ha ha. Dalagang pilipina!

Susan left ahead so I felt uneasy being alone with naked men around me, counting a minute, I stood up and left. After the shower, I followed susan and christiane outside the wet area, near the plunge pool. In our immaculately white hotel robes, we had some girl talk while savoring the cool air of baden when all of a sudden this huge man in all his glory walked right in the midst of us and plunged on the cold pool wetting all of us! Indeed it was just to cool down his heated 'glory' (cant think of a better term).

'enuf said what else could we do but get inside again and dry ourselves? Such an extraordinary spa experience this year.

Wellness Summit at Wiesbaden

Just attended a really great conference in Wiesbaden Germany last Oct 13-14 right at the historic Kurhaus. The past wellness conferences I attended were usually done in resorts but this time we had a more formal atmosphere inside the old congress building with its intricate architecture as can be partly seen from the photo collage.

You can feel and smell the history of the place which is located at Wiesbaden’s distinguished boulevard Wilhelmstra├če right in front of our official hotel Hotel Nassauer Hof. Almost all of the top hotels are in the immediate vicinity.

The conference was organized by Messe-Frankfurt and I should say one of the best industry seminars I have attended so far.

I learned of the event quite late and almost didnt attend this but I had to meet up with my best friend and business partner Susan who is based in chicago. It turned out to be quite a fruitful trip despite all the preliminary snags.

My schenghen visa expired last Sept 20, my late mom's bday. I had to harness all connections in order to be able to secure a visa in less than two weeks. To top it all, I couldn't get a confirmation of my return flight to Manila due to some big event in china thats why at the last minute Lufthansa had to book me in Swissair and Cathay, with two plane changes in order to reach home.

I decided though to get down honkong for some business meetings that was supposed to take place early next year. At least I didnt have to pay for another plane fare for that.