Sunday, May 13, 2007

Will I celebrate D day up on Air?

It has been a tough and challenging period. Had some bouts of depression as something I worked on for a long time has not come into fore. Sometimes it has crossed my mind that I shouldn't have banked on a close friend too much but hen I know I learned a lot from the long study. It has drained me financially however.

Anyway, I am supposed to celebrate a milestone in my life soon and for that I had always wanted to be in my favorite city, Paris. Unfortunately it can't happen. Anyway, I had a memorable birthday in Paris last year, thanks to St. Ignatius.

God is good however. He knows I don't like to be in manila for my birthday. I just wanted to be somewhere out there batanes, appari, timbuktu or the himalayas.

Comes the miles ----- yeah I have them enough to fly half way around the world but how will I pay my accomodations and everything else that comes with the trip?

Sydney!!! Yup, Christine has been inviting me for decades to her place but being a corporate slave then, had only so much vacation leaves which must be used to help out my dad in his trips.

Christine is the I in TAFI, the acronym of our high school barkada - Tolentino, Almeda, Flores and Imperial.

I emailed Christine and told her my thoughts. Both of us were really banking on something we had been working for years, unfortunately, the other party was sickly and perhaps lacked enough focus. Both our birthdays are on the same month and just a few days away.

I told her I will start working on my visa. I havent been to that part of the world so I needed to ask how to get the visa. While gathering the documents, my miles suffered a snag which I thought would derail my trip. Fortunately with prayers all was resolved.

I placed all my faith in Him and He works wonders. All of a sudden I decided to call PAL to reserve. They told me there was just one seat left before my birthday. Goodness gracious I had to grab it. Had myself waitlisted the day before though.

I was told the visa will take two weeks. When I finally filed they said one week. Well well well, miracle of miracles, I got it in two days ha ha! Intl visas seem to love me recently.

This means I can fly anytime but--- I can't. I still need to hire the replacement staff in our immigration office otherwise my partner in Manila, Gerry will go crazy. Also, I want to fly closer to winter. Why? It's too darn hot in manila! I am almost melting with the heat so I want to go somewhere really cold.

I think sydney was a good decision for i can mix business with pleasure. My other business partner Nick, is based there as well as our principal, so I guess I really need to meet up.

I just hope and pray I can confirm that wait listed day otherwise, I will be up on air on my birthday boo hoo......and if it turns out that PAL's arrival will be late--- I may leave the airport (after baggage claim, customs etc) after lunch.

Oh well, you can't win 'em all. Just can't wait to fly again. I have a mole under each foot and after a few months of sticking to land, my feet really itch to leave. I guess I took after my dad.

Oh and by the way, Aura, my ex officemate now based in Vienna told me she will also be celebrating her milestone soon and she maybe in Paris for this since their bank branch in the city of lights will be needing her that period. I was sooooooo Inggit!