Monday, April 11, 2005

Few slots left at St. Paul outside the walls

Few slots left at St. Paul outside the Walls Posted by Hello

Yes a few slots left on those round frames where they put the Photos of the Pope. I finally found one photo in an old album. If you notice somewhere on top there are roundish slots right above the pillars. I visited St. Paul outside the walls (meaning outside the Walls of Rome) only once and I distinctly remember our guide mentioning an old legend which says once the frames gets full of photos, the world will end. Well, one can never tell how long a Pope will seat in Vatican - could be 26 years or more or just a few months as what happened with Pope John Paul I.

Still on Pope JP II - emotions and recollections

Pope JPII Posted by Hello

I was practically glued to CNN from the time the Pope was seriously ill, especially during his wake and the funeral.

I said to myself, if only I had enough money, I would like to fly to Rome to see him one last time. Thanks to technology however, the world is able to witness every detail of what transpired in Vatican the past week.

Nostalgia and gratitude. Some of the emotions which engulfed my persona recently. Remembering the glow in Pope John Paul II's face when I met him face to face and particularly, the sincerity and saintly glint in his eyes. I suppose everyone who even catches a glimpse of him experience something similar.

Gratitude to the Lord for having not only one but a couple of opportunities to attend his private audience and Easter masses. The Communion photos above where during one of those Easter masses we attended and invited to receive communion from the Pope himself.

Dad's photos above were during his first visit in Manila.

The photo below was during the time we gave him a statue of the Virgin of Penafrancia. Beside the Pope was the then Nuncio Torpilgliani.

The last time I saw him was during the Jubilee year. Dad fell ill in Nazareth during our pilgrimage so he had to fly back home. I went with the group and got the pass myself from the Vatican officials at the Bronze door. Gosh that was the first time I had to do everything and as always I got lost the first time :) We had a special seat near the altar fortunately. When I saw him though, I noticed he could no longer walk unlike the past years. I was able to take some shots though but since mom passed away, the Lanai where all those photos are have been a mess and cant find it.

JPII Penafrancia Posted by Hello

The day of the Pope's funeral, I was in a whole day conference at Shangrila Makati. Fortunately, the host announced in the afternoon that due to popular request, they were rushing the session so that we can all go home and watch the Pope's funeral. I actually taped it just in case I will be late.

I can't help but cry when watching the outpouring of support worldwide and most esp when his simple coffin was being carried to be brought inside the crypt. I am sure he is in heaven watching the whole world stop to honor him. I can still remember the former resting place of Pope John XXIII which he chose to be laid in. I just cant find the photos at home for that must be a long time ago when we visited the crypt.

I also remembered one more incident of sorts related to the late Pope. During his first visit, the nunciature called us to borrow a thermos to be used by the Pope. They didnt want to bother other people and be indebted for a mere thermos so off we sent one of those we found in the kitchen cabinet. Wow, I said to myself, I no longer can remember where that thermos is kept. I should have kept in a box for I am sure a saint has used it! :)