Friday, January 21, 2005

Still on my new notebook

technician with my ntbk Posted by Hello

So much stuff to do with my new notebook. I left my old notebook the other night so the store tech could transfer files to an external hard disk. Yesterday afternoon I brought my new notebook so he could re transfer all the files to my new one.

I went back in the evening to get it but I requested that he activates the bluetooth and move my emails too. It took us a bit past 9pm for my apparently tons of mails to be moved (store actually closes 8pm and staff needed to leave 9pm).

Well he couldnt figure out the bluetooth thing so I have to bring it back today. Also, I found out there were some important files not transferred.

I noticed when I tried out a DVD two days ago, the sound was not that loud so while waiting for my notebook last night I noticed reasonably priced small speakers, a genius brand and altec lansing. Just to be sure I got the altec and boy was the sound a lot better! Actually this notebook is already equipped with JBL speakers but for DVD watching still won't do.

To complete my gadgets thirst, I also got a new videocam, genius brand but better resolution than an old one I bought years back and a 128mb iomega micro mini usb drive. My old reliable flash card gets to be immediately full at only 32mb. The last time I needed to copy some speakers presentation in our last forum, they didnt fit.

lovable lola Posted by Hello

Thats my favorite and lovable lola. She was given 6 months to live when she had a stroke. She never wanted to undergo rehab since my grandfather was also hospitalized at the same time and ultimately passed away.

She lived another ten years and even paralyzed has always been supportive and visits all my acitivities in school. All my teachers and classmates then knew my sympatica lola.

She left us when I was in 2nd year high school right before martial law I think.

The baby

baby maan Posted by Hello

Such a cute baby! Who would think she would turn out to be the blogger in this page :)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

"Sex and the City"

Sex and the City Posted by Hello

Many friends had been raving about this tv series for years but I never had the time to watch it. I only get to watch the news on tv when I get home.

A few weeks ago, bebeth called me to say it was the last part of the series and would I care to watch because the scene was in Paris. I told her I wouldnt understand the story for I never watched it before. Bebeth and I both love Paris.

Later that weekend while I was in National Bookstore, all of sudden I saw VCDs of Sex and the City being sold. It was kinda expensive because it was a new DVD release. I bought the last four or five sets. Perhaps I would appreciate the ending if I watch some of the past portions.

Saturday evening, bebeth called me again to say that hbo was showing the last series! I told her good heavens I just bought the vcd but she insisted so I did.

Well I liked it specially some of the dialogue (except the rated ones) such as :

"The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous." -Carrie

My new notebook

new ntbk Posted by Hello

After my meeting last night with Innove and Norelyn, I went straight to Electroworld to check out the price of an external hard disk. I have been scared of what might happen to my old toshiba since there is hardly any space left. The cd writer has not been working since last year.

Would you believe, after I tried asking how much an ASUS notebook was (saw a reasonably priced Ad for a top of the line release) the salesperson all of a sudden offered a new compaq ntbk with the same top of the line features - centrino, 40gb, wide screen, jbl speakers, multi card reader, blue tooth! hmmm made me think. I still didnt have the money but insisted on using my new amex platinum.

Of course as expected, they didnt like the card and kept prodding me to use citibank at zero interest. Unfortunately for them I am a banker and I told them it will come out more expensive for me once I use citibank for they have no separate installment package. They include it in the total billing.

I negotiated really hard for they were adding on around 6k for amex. I think it was really meant for me for they had to secure so many approvals to give the same price. Besides, I called ewic my consultant and he said its a good deal. I was not so keen on compaq then for I had a bad experience two notebooks ago :)

I hardly slept last night downloading so many stuff priority of which was the service pack 2 for hp and other security patches plus of course hello, picassa, google add-ons and a host of others.

I requested the store today to transfer files from my old notebook but since its around 20gb or so I had to leave it so he can finish it by tomorrow.

"Lovers in Paris"

lovers in paris Posted by Hello

This is a highly rated korean tele novela dubbed in tagalog. Its really a hit I heard right now and guess what? I make sure I get to watch this daily. How you might ask when I usually have meetings in the evening? I tape it!!

Yup am crazy enough and can you guess why? Because I knew the scene was in a favority city, Paris! Well at least for the first few weeks the scenes were shot in Paris.

Its a light comedy drama stuff and usually at night I dont like to think much and would rather entertain myself. Besides it makes me smile :)

I couldnt' wait for the ending so got myself a bootleg DVD. The story was great but unfortunately I think the ending sucks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Guests from ecademy worldwide

Guests from Ecademy worldwide Posted by Hello

Ecademy is an online business networking club which I joined April of last year. I opened the Philippine Ecademy Club June 12, our Independence Day and it had been the most active club in the asia pacific region to date.

Since last year, we had entertained several foreign guests starting from Winnie, MeeMee and more than a dozen of their group from Singapore. Last October the club held its first event and formal launch with the founder and chairman, thomas power gracing the occasion.

Later, we had Leo Stroobants from Luxembourg, John Smallwood, singapore, Thomas Cannon Uk and not to forget our friends from cebu city.

PICS christmas party 2004

PICS xmas party Posted by Hello

The christmas party of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society was held last Dec at the Makati Sports Club, our usual venue (read:cheapest).

For the first time we were serenaded by a church chorale and even had a band for an all night dancing.

Topmost photo on the left are the board of directors sans Vic who was in honkong then. We were fortunate to have DICT Commissioner grace the affair plus almost all of the cyber press who enjoyed all the games concocted by norelyn and mon.