Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lunch with Manny and Baby

lunch with baby and manny Posted by Hello

Last thursday, I had lunch with manny and baby bengson. They are now based in the US but visit once or twice a year. Mr. Bengson used to be our president. He is one of the very few I respect and trust in the bank. Since he just came from the dentist, he requested a place which serves soft food preferably salad, so off we went to our good old reliable Italiannis!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Scoble who?

When some of my colleagues and I were brainstorming on a possible Blogging Conference, Mike interjected asking our friends in Microsoft to invite its famous blogger Robert Scoble.

I immediately called their PR and mentioned the idea and name but she asked Scobble...who? :) I then said I will just email the request.

I checked on his blogsite and when I arrived home and a line in one of his recent posts, caught my fancy :

"Here's my thesis: companies that have lots of bloggers will end up making better products, will end up having better marketing and PR, will end up making more profit at the end of the day, and will be more likely to have more than one "hit product" and will be more likely to last 100s of years"

Read more of his posts here.

Does the Internet know what I'm thinking?

I recently stumbled upon the blog of Andy Havens with last month's post on The Internet now knows what your'e thinking.

Tried playing the web version of the game and gave interesting results.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Webtalk radio and Top Internet Trends 2005

Mike introduced me to podcasting via webtalk radio. There were very interesting topics discussed and we were even mulling to do something similar to be placed in the PICS website.

One topic which caught my fancy was the Top Internet trends of 2005. Of course blogging (both web and mobile) occupied at least three spots as well as the prominence of mobile/wireless trends. We have seen the "We Roam" ads of PLDT all over the place, who knows Innove might soon release its Universal Access to the retail market. As of now they only offer this to corporate accounts.This will be definitely be an exciting year in the internet industry.