Saturday, April 14, 2007

Google buys Double Click

Learned from a friend that google just bought double click for $3.1B in cash! She was reading it from the New York Times but couldnt find the story on the online version.

This must be a better deal than than You Tube not only price wise as the online video was paid via stocks.

Makes me want to pursue a dot come I have been mulling on :)

Showing or hiding the blues....

When people say they are depressed, usually they look gloomy and tend to sulk. However, I now realize that one can be depressed yet wouldn't show the usual signs of depression.

Perhaps I belong to the latter group. Some friends even think I am joking when I laughingly say I am drepssed.

On the other hand, I am not really sure if this last one is better for it maybe skin to hiding the pain which becomes more stressful.

As I mull over this, it dawns on me that prayers and surrender to the Lord is still the best option to get over this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Impromptu meeting and belated birthday celebration

Lella and I had a scheduled meeting with a potential strategic partner in a business we are concocting when we suddenly remembered to call our schoolmate boyet who we were supposed to meet the past week.
Little did we know that he was free that time and we all decided to meet for a late dinner at the shang mall. Boyet chose Congo Grill as I told him I didnt want to eat in the chinese fast food at the basement as I can't tolerate vetsin. Our earlier meeting was held in that area.
Upon reaching the restaurant, boyet called Alex, who was then in the gym down south and in about half an hour he arrived to join us for that belated birthday treat.
Just felt like posting this as I know God indeed works in wondrous ways. Lella and I had been praying hard for this endeavour we started discussing barely less than a month ago. We plan, we research and brainstorm but most of all pray a lot. He seems to be pointing to us the right people to talk to.
I had tried touching base with many who I thught can join us but our skeds dont seem to match. I think God is saying they are not the right people, I will tell you who you must meet with. Alleluia! and this he did!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

nice quote....

I just watched the DVD of Danielle Steele's "Full Circle" and I can't forget one of the important lines always uttered by a major character, Harry:

"Sometimes you just have to jump off that bridge, and build your wings on the way down"