Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mass at Hertiage on All Saints Day and herbal remedies

I had wanted to go to Heritage Park where mom and dad are laid to rest on both Oct 31 and Nov 1 but since I was really sick I had to rest the whole day of Oct 31.

I was still nursing a fever morning of Nov 1 so decided to shower and leave close to noon time. Dr Bob was kind enough to find me a priest who can say mass that afternoon which I was so grateful for. I know dad and mom had always wanted a mass to celebrate this special day for our dearly departed.

Once I reached the cemetery and set up all the tables, chairs, candles, flowers and food, which took us around half an hour, I sent the driver to don bosco in makati to fetch dr bob and the priest.

Beverly, her friend rosalie and aling Miguela arrived a few mins before 330pm and soon after the priest arrived with some of his scholars in tow and dr bob.

We had a memorable mass for Fr Ritchie gave a long and most interesting homily about the visionary Vasulla and the Lord's messages sent thru her.

Many of the people near our tent all attended this special mass.

After mass, father blessed mom and dad's grave plus those around it (lucky them) then partook some meal.

Father and his 'entourage' was brought back to makati maybe two hours later.

One of our 'neighbors' in heritage, I found out, was collecting articles on herbal treatments. She mentioned this since I kept coughing due to my asthma. She told me about her conction of Oregano which I previously knew but just forgot and of course the old reliable Kamias. I was amazed at all the clippings she was able to preserve through the decades. She showed me just one album since it was kinda late and hard to read. Talking about the wellness revolution once again................

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I miss my mom

When I went home last night (past midnight is more apt) I really felt bad. My fever was high and during these times I really miss my mom.

This photo was taken when mom decided to hire an interior designer to dress up our house that christmas. She said she wanted to enjoy the season cause she might not last that long and she didnt.

If mom was here, I wouldnt feel so bad when I can't breathe due to my asthma, allergies, terrible cough and colds. Moms always make you feel better.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dinner with Michael

Had dinner last night with Michael Loh, publisher of Spa Asia magazine and organizer of the biggest Wellness Summit in asia.

I promised to treat him for dinner when he visits manila since he helped me find my laptop when I lost in thailand last august. Of course I almost went crazy when I found out my laptop was missing so Michael true to his name was an angel when he was able to trace this.

Rowena and Monica who just joined Phil Daily Inquirer were with us. Since the place was really noisy from the non stop singing, we decided to move to another place for coffee. First choice was Nicotina but it was closed so we moved to Mina Gabor's The Garden. Fortunately they were sitll open at past 10pm since Mina had a guest from the govt of Maldives and invited some lifestyle editors to her place. It was really great conversation for everyone was enthusiastic about the growing Wellness Industry.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

PICS at SEO Phils BeerCon

Attended the SEO Philippines BeerCon 2006 last saturday night upon the invitation of Marc Macalua list owner of they Search Engine Optimization mailing list.

Photo collage (note: had to replace collage with actual shots for blogger didnt want to accept this weird, since it was done in picasa) shows other directors from the Philippine Internet Commerce Society (PICS) and colleagues in the industry Edna and Arnold Belleza, Erwin Oliva, Bobby Gantuangco, Rowena Rivera, Mon Lizardo, and Aileen Apolo, google Philippine consultant who was a guest speaker.

Marc raffled off an I-pod based on a raffle which I was asked to draw. I picked a number from three halloween containers which gave the number 43. Whoever was in that google rank got the prize. Lucena dot com apparently won the prize.

Drinks and food abound at Jill's restaurant at the Fort Strip. I didnt realize that a colleague back in college, Ito Ramirez, PLDT executive was part owner of the place.

Didn't plan to stay long but left the place close to midnight.