Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Was glued to the TV - Pope Benedict XVI

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I was glued to the TV despite the fact that I am rushing a presentation. Why? Because it seems the smoke coming out of the rooftop was white. CNN was skeptic saying it will turn black but BBC was more hopeful.

True enough the cardinals were able to decide fast enough. A couple of days ago, some friends were trying to guess who would replace the past pope and some expressed their displeasure over some popular candidates and the newly elected pople was one of those due to his conservative reputation.

I never really had a favorite. I believed and prayed that whoever the Lord feels the world will need let it be him. I was thinking that if we were given a conservative Pope then its high time the world needs some stricter and more disciplined directions. A liberal one may provide some hope for those actively clamoring for supposed reforms.

The past days, I sensed that someone from western europe would be chosen. I was not sure who and even thought he will be Italian. As I watch the white smoke prior to the Angelus, I sensed the holy spirit may have chosen a conservative one who will fight for basic catholic theology to avoid the many confusion. The name Ratzinger kept ringing in my ear. I think there is already too much liberalism going on.

True enough when the announcement came, I felt the shivers. I was right. I also chuckled for if I joined the online betting game I would have won :)

I waited for the Urbi et Orbi which means:

"Urbi et Orbi, literally "to the City (of Rome) and to the World", was a
standard opening of Roman proclamations. Nowadays the term is used to denote a
papal document that is addressed as to the City of Rome as to the entire Catholic World.

The blessing takes place at each Easter and Christmas
celebrations in Rome at
St. Peter's
. Part of the "urbi et orbi" ritual is the forgiving of all sins
offered to those who believe in the teachings of the Roman Catholic church and attend the mass at St. Peter's (even via TV or Internet).
It is also used at St. Peter's at the crowning ceremony of the pope and at very rare occasions as the blessing of pilgrims."