Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mama Mary appears in Bulacan!

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I learned from Delia during the cebu conference that Mama Mary appears to a visionary Bro Carmelo in Sta Maria, Bulacan. We decided together with Marikor to visit yesterday. Apparently it was Mina Gabor who brought her there since she had been going there every first saturday ever since her late husband wa sick of cancer.

There is a noon time mass followed by healing. Bro Carmelo prays over you and gives you a petal and if you are lucky you wil see a religious imprint.

Its not everyday that Mama Mary appears. The last time was Jan 1. Its only every seven years that Jan 1 falls on a first saturday and luckiy it was so this year. Mina gave me a stampita she had printed where she was able to take a polaroid photo of Mama Mary's image.

She started appearing to Bro. Carmelo in 1991. She is officialy called Mary of the Eucharist and Grace. Healing starts after the Mass and imposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

My petal had an imprint of Jesus with St. Francis embracing Him. Since we were one of the last to be blessed, we stayed on. I went towards the altat to take more photos but saw Bro Carmelo healing the last person so I went to him again hoping to get another petal with another imprint.

Guess what I got a similar one but this time You can see Cross behind Jesus with the INRI sign prominently placed. I thought to myself, Jesus thought I was makulit and gave me the same figure :) Some of our companions had no imprint on their petals, most had such as Madonna and Child, Holy Trinity and the one Josie got is a fave of mine, an Angel!

I will surely go there again next month.

More photos at my multiply website:

Dad's 40th day mass and my visit

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Time flies fast. Since he has joined my mom in heaven it has been a flurry of activities- fixing his stuff, preparing for the 9th day novena at home, attending a Sortware Industry workshop at Tagaytay, processing papers and setting up my two new businesses and office in Makati, flying to cebu to attend and speak at a conference, attending the wake and cremation of Jee, a batchmate as soon as I reached the airport from Cebu, and finally preparing for dad's 40th day mass and dinner at home.

After making sure some of the details are done at home, I motored to buy some flowers from Dad's 'suki' in BF homes then proceeded to Heritage to visit mom and dad.

Some of dad's friends and relatives who were not able to attend the wake since they knew this much later went to the mass last July 1, first friday.

I guess Dad had a way of letting them know he is gone. His favorite storekeepers in Mercury drug all of sudden had an urge to find his number and call our house to ask how he is. They made sure they trekked to our house although late just to condole.

Fr. Alton from Don Bosco, a close friend of Dad said mass.

Launching of eRule

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Last June 30, I attended the launching of Lalen's eRule program with NTC as the first client. Shown in photo is Atty Claro Parlade and the newly arrived Suharni, Sen. Magsaysay's exec asst for IT.