Saturday, December 17, 2005

Another Ateneo Reunion - dinner for nick

For my batchmates who maybe technically challenged and cant view the photos in my multiply site (maybe due to a browser version, security settings or lack of necessary programs), I have done a photo collage of the recent dinner for nick at Rockwell and posted it here in my main blog.

Just click on the photo collage to see a bigger version. Copied and pasted the description I previously wrote below:

Atty Gerry Paras hosted a dinner for Nick Selino (the new surname) with a couple of close Bus. Mgt classmates at Crustasia, Power Plant Mall. Present were Lella Medenilla Santiago and Maritess David Ramos (who was brought home by Nick's driver otherwise they wont be able to make it), Tina Legazpi, Rene Estandarte, Elma Plana Tetangco, Bunny Concepcion and Jun Naranjilla (in his new Hawaiian shirt who came after dinner due to a xmas party at Equitable Bank). Missing were Ed Wenceslao who was out of the country, Marissa Segovia who is celebrating her bday today but invited all of us to go to Iloilo, Nini Santos Borja (always busy with her various stores), Ronnie Rivera (who had an office xmas party too) and who else, Nick's favorite Boy Abunda! (the first person to greet him in school). Nevertheless, we were able to talk to Marissa over the phone, Ed kept texting while abroad and Boy greeted Nick at Pinoy Big Brother's special show. We all waited for Jun thats why we were the ones who closed the restaurant - he was too busy with their special guest Sharon but couldnt say no to the Banko Sentral governess :)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Thomas and Joy - Dec 13

Thomas Cannon, our Philippine Ecademy Club colleague, and his girlfriend joy are here once more on a holiday and to arrange for their wedding next year. Belen and I met them last tuesday at Italianni's for dinner.

I received a text message from Thomas that he is in town and will be at Glorietta around evening. Good thing Belen and I could make it

around that time. Chelle wanted to follow but couldnt any longer.

Thomas and Joy experience the fun singing of the waiters Italiannis is famous for. Thomas got a free ice cream dessert with his name written in chocolage. I failed to take that photo but he has it in his camera :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A much delayed Thank You Dinner

This get together was planned by the current PICS board right after the successful national congress last October. Unfortunately, right after that date, we all had commitments. Norelyn, Mon and Bobby had to fly to Cebu for the Ad Congress. Teddy had to fly to Honkong then I had to attend a conference at Singapore. It was a mad schedule for everyone and it was quite a feat that we were all able to agree on a date - Dec 12 Monday. A thanksgiving dinner turned christmas gathering.
Unfortunately, we all missed Winthrop who had a bad asthma attack that evening. Nevertheless we all prepared for the grandiose popular buffet. As you can see from the photo above, Teddy wa savoring the yummy, mouth watering dessert. Bobby seems to be thinking which table to attack next :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The ACIL Centennial reunion

After more than a year of preparation of the organizing committee, the 100 year celebration of ACIL's founding has finally taken place last Dec. 10, 2005.

I was never able to attend the other smaller events leading to this main one simply because I never got the email, was informed late or out of the country. I really wanted to see the Bulacan Center once again. Was the best center for me when I was teaching catechism. Besides, our hosts were friends of my parents.

I planned to leave early anticipating traffic being December. Unfortunately it rained really hard and again didnt feel that well. Seems my bp acting up. When I left the house, didnt realize that some of the streets were flooded. This is it, I thought. I may not make it on time for the 5pm mass. True enough I didnt. Portions of the expressway was clogged as well as C5. To think I had an e-pass so I was able to breeze through the left lane fast. If I didnt have that it would have taken me longer to reach ateneo.

I texted enteng, cynch and edwin asking where I should proceed. I was told to go straight to the Escaler Hall. Gosh so many new bldgs in Ateneo that one would get lost easily. I had to ask the guard for directions. Apparently there are three new bldgs in that area - escaler, jg summit and pldt.

Went straight to the registration table arranged per group - 60s, 70s, 80s etc then inside the auditorium for the 'formal program'. Edwin went to the podium to look for Cesar Marin, oops, Fr Cesar na pala siya :) Apparently he is now with Mary the Queen in greenhills.

When Cesar raised his hand, Edwin announced that he has to do the invocation :)

It seems Ito Ramirez made the power point presentation which edwin keeps referring to.

I cant recall the exact program sequence but some plaques of recognition were handed to : regular caroling supporters like the Jayme Family (represented by Jay), Emerito Ramos and family etc plus of course Mang Sid, Fr. Nebres.

There was an AVP done by some young alumni based on some history stuff written I suppose. Ideally, I was hoping they did some interviews of catechists through the years. That would have been more meaningful. Just my opinion. Oh but I saw myself in one of the photos. I guess it was cynch of edwin's copy however, that was not an acil photo but our vacation in Baguio several decades ago :)

The book sold previously was launched and I think the compiler gave a talk. I dont know her. Yes its a girl ergo one of the younger batch. There were no photo copies (at the least) of programs given away.

There was a keynote person, apparently one of the acil students in Bulacan Center who later (I think) studied in ateneo? Well I may be I am mixing up my facts but I was not too interested in the program. In the informal parlance, hindi ako maka relate :)

Boy Aguila (60s batch) and his group (around 4 of them) were called 'holduppers' cause they were tasked to gather sponsorship money. He did some auction stuff asking for bidders for the two mosaic banners. He called out Mon Paterno and another "rich" guy I cant recall the name. One I think was bought for 10k and another 20k? or was it 15k?

As an acil alumni what would have interested me, besides seeing old catechists in my time are:
  • knowing what happened to all the other centers I used to teach in
  • would be interesting to know whatever happened to some students (pinahan, san antonio, esteban abada) during our time
  • photos of the Centers now - eg Bulacan then and now
  • How was it in ACIL before our time? I dont care much about the now, since I had been hearing so much about it and I guess the 'fun' side has been gone.
  • more photos of before, before and before
  • Derps? Didnt see much of his photos nor heard his name?

After the program, we were all famished and lined up for the food. I liked the food. For 300 bucks that was really good! I checked the caterer and it was the 'kambal' something who Irma gets when we have meetings at 'women of ateneo'.

Of course my favorite C2 drinks abounded. The brains behind the beverage C2 is one of the main organizers! Si Edwin sino pa :)

I liked the ACIL lighted decor - had a photo here for posterity. Why? Tell me how many acil catechists in their lifetime will get to celebrate a centennial year?

my best friend susan

There are very few people I really trust in this life after my parents left me. Susan is one of them. The other one is Christine but both of them are living oceans away. Susan, in chicago and Christine in Sydeny.

We were all classmate in high school (Maryknoll or now known as Miriam). Together with Babs, we formed the 'barkada' known as Tafi - tolentino, almeda, flores, imperial.

A few weeks ago, I had to go to the flat of susan's parents to get something she sent via courier. When I reached home I emailed her that her saying her dad looks bad and I think she should see him soon. She planned to fly to Manila around end January since she needed to be in spain at this time.

I got surprised when I get an email last weekend saying she is flying here sunday arriving tuesday since her dad's heart stopped twice. I met Susan at the New World Hotel last night. We discussed the wellness businesses we had been planning for two years now. At the same time she was relating to me how she over ruled most of her dad's doctor's medication. She is an ICU doctor and is tasked to keep the patient alive despite the critical condition.

I was misty eyed when she was relating how she continues to save her dad's life by making sure the doctors do what must be done. I told her that I know that if only the doctors here did their duty and not very materialistic, then my mom and dad would still be alive.

I have forgiven them but I do pity them for I know somehow they will pay for their negligence.

I told Susan that maybe thats the reason both of us are keen on the wellness business. She has been a victim of a negligent doctor, who operated on her wrongly and my parents passed away due to the negligence of medical people who were supposed to save lives.