Saturday, February 12, 2005

Terribly frustrated with my new compaq presario

Yes you bet I am! I was terribly upset the other day. A few days ago, they changed the battery of my notebook since although it shows a fully charged battery, once I remove the plug it has no power.

Well I noticed the new battery does not charge so they told me to bring it in the afternoon of friday. I went to Electroworld and guess what, the sales person attending to me was not there. Apparently he had to leave in haste due to another upset customer who demanded a unit replacement.

I think that was unfair since I was nice on the phone and he committed to wait and just becasue someone else got angry he will leave? When I learned that, they heard me utter some expletives and hurriedly left to go straight to the Compaq service center at the Robison's Summit bldg in Ayala.

I earlier talked to Nikka Singson of HP and mentioned my utter displeasure with my notebook. Since she will be in a meeting soon, she told me to look for Don Maililin who holds office at the 34th floor (not sure) but will go down when I arrive. When I went inside the service area, I asked for Don and it seems he was waiting so the security guard called a certain Johnny who led me to a room.

He took a look at my notebook. Tried upgrading the bios. He asked if I update the bios and I said I never knew I must update it! One updates the OS or anti virus system but never a notebooks bios! I said I will never leave my notebook for I need it always.

So many reasons after, he offered to get a service unit for me on monday. I called the sales head of electroworld so the two of them can talk. I demanded that they back up my data to be transferred to the service unit.

Today, saturday I brought my notebook to Electroworld so data can be moved to an external HD. Bryan, the person attending to me said he believes the compaq people should not have updated the bios program since that was not the solution to the battery problem

It took him three hours I guess to back it up. Am seriously mulling writing to the president and demanding a unit replacement.

If this does not happen, I guess I have to tell the people in the industry of this terrible experience with this brand.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tire Lock in Lucena!

Tire Lock in Lucena! Posted by Hello

Rowena and I had to go with Jude to the quezon rural bank since he had an apointment with a lawyer. Wanted to get back to manila early since we had a scheduled Web Conference at 6pm.

I was kinda fidgety when we had to wait while he talks to some people. Anyway, to cut the long story short, what a small world, the lawyer he was talking to turned out to be the father of lella, my kumare and barkada.

After their talk, Atty. Medenilla treated us for snack in their fine dining area. I was the one who said we had to go after the meal otherwise time is ticking and soon will be dark.

When we went down the bldg, good lord, Jude noticed his right tire was locked! Apparently we were in a No Parking area! To think I was in a great hurry to leave, now we got more delayed.

I think its a racket of the municpaility. There was no "NO Parking" sign at all. The line along the side street was white and you would think its a parking space just like in manila. We learned that white meant no parking!!!!!!! I still think its something dumb but I guess no one has really complained intently.

After about half an hour, jude's friend I think paid the fine and they removed the lock.

Had to take a photo since its the first time I saw a tire get locked due to parking violation.

Another trip to quezon

quezon with rowena Posted by Hello

This is barrio concepcion, right at the boundary of Candelaria and Sariaya, Quezon. Trecked here since someone was interested in developing the area.

Good thing it didnt rain, otherwise it would be muddy and I just wore sandals. Forgot to bring my closed shoes in the condo. We stayed only a while and got some vegetables for the house and my rabbits :)

Monday, February 07, 2005

A very

verylongengage Posted by Hello

I had been mulling to watch this movie ever since last weekend but never got the chance to. I never even knew the storyline then when I received a text from Carol last saturday saying she just watched this great french movie.

I never realized it was french! Hmm the more I got interested. Carol was one of my converts (after Bebeth) to the french language. After her stint at Cervantes, she immediately enrolled in my fave language school, Alliance Francaise.

I learned it was a war film and I usually hate war stuff but I did catch the last show after doing some grocery and a quick supper. Yes it was long (more than two hours) but I guess it had to be that way to show the depth of determination and perservarance the lead had to go through.

There were english subtitles but sometimes I try to freshen up my french by not looking at some of them :)

Btw, it won the best foreign language film. Worth a try.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bluetooth for my notebook at last!

One of the reasons I decided on buying this particular notebook brand and model, besides having the centrino, widescreen and other top of the line features was the integrated bluetooth tech.

I could not seem to find this feature when I got home so I called the shop and asked me to bring it in. The tech person who attended to me cant seem to find it so he said he will need to call compaq first and he will get back to me.

Later when I followed up, he said the compaq technician needs to talk to me. After a week when I had time, I called compaq who just said I need to bring my notebook there. Huh? Excusez- moi I have no time for that so I called the shop and this time in my complaining tone said I refuse to undergo that hassle.

They said I can download the program from the site. No way! Its supposed to go with my unit and I demand that!

After a few days again, the tech person said he was able to download the program and if I could bring the notebook back. Well when I did he was on leave.

Last night I finally found the time so I called while I was on the road but bryan, my contact already left. Now I am seething mad because it has been weeks and I still don't have my bluetooth installed!!! I really want to offload data from my phone since memory is low and I didnt want to waste another trip to the shop!

I was angry and the person on the other line said she was new and didnt know about my unit. I demanded to talk to the manager and was made to wait a few mins. Finally a certain Chito got on the phone, mild and pleasant tone saying he will wait for me.

I brought my notebook to Electroworld again and left it for about half an hour so I can go to the ATM and pass by national bookstore. When I came back, they were still trying to install the program. It was nearing 8pm which was closing time and apparently another person who bought the same model was on the counter demanding for the bluetooth feature.

I think Chito and another technician were already on tinker toes. The advertisement of this latest model plastered all over the place said it had the bluetooth feature but now they can't find it.

I looked at my notebbok, the installation was done but said it can't detect the hardware. I was already fiddling on my fingers and irritation slowly rising. I started to dial a division head friend from Compaq. No answer just ringing. I was mulling then to give Nilo Cruz a call, the president of HP (which bought out compaq) and give my piece of mind about this product which their dealers cant service. I was already hungry since my south beach diet didnt arrive that day so I asked my dad who was waiting for me at Dulcinea to order some grilled fish for me. It has been over an hour since that order and I have not yet left the shop.

All of a sudden the technician who was also looking over the notebook of the other customer finally was able to detect the hardware! I went there and asked how and he said he just clicked on the find hardware. Chito went to my notebook and did the same and voila! It started to detect and found it finally!

A few more minutes of testing with my phone - sending and receiving then I heaved a sigh of relief.

Oh and I also inquired if they already have the supply of the new half size memory card. He gave me one but the brand was not familar. Fortunately, I learned from him that the new cards have a free holder which I tried on and apparently I can use to be able to insert the card safely to my notebook's card reader! That was also a great relief since Bryan, the person who sold me my notebook said, the half size memory cards will never fit in my 6-in one card reader. Huh? I asked, i thought it was a universal card reader and this is the latest model of computer? Then how come it will not accept this memory card?

Obviously he could not answer but Chito was able to. I told Chito, no wonder you are the manager of the shop :) Alls well that ends well. When I got home Nikka from HP texted since she just saw the missed call. I said I will just call her on monday to share my experience with their new compaq notebook model.