Friday, February 04, 2005

A helicopter crash?

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A few weeks ago while I was meeting at the Pen, I received a call from Norelyn saying our good friend Dennis Valdes was involved in a copter crash in India as gathered from the wife of one of his companions.

I got so shocked and thought of calling Paolo to confirm and get an update. Paolo said someone in the family was going to fly to India and it seemed it was more of a hard landing, whatever that means, and maybe Dennis is going to be on braces for sometime.

I texted Dennis then but then realized if his phone was with him then it might no longer be functioning.

A week or two later I received a text from Dennis which at first I didnt really recognize since aparently he was using a smart phone (I just had his globe number). I just realized it was him when I got a similar text from Edna who forwarded the same message from him.

I didnt know that he was at makati med when he texted. Edna just mentioned it later. Although we wanted to visit, we are sure he would prefer to rest and be with family.

A few days ago, Dennis sent the photo above and emailed a blow by blow account (almost Robert Grisham-like) of what really happened when they tried landing in Mumbai from New Delhi.

It was just like in the movies! Imagine an SOS ambulance suddenly materializing and airlifting him from Mumbai straight to Manila!

I wondered why the Inquirer didnt carry the story :)

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