Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The impromptu EB at the Loop

A Geek, a private banker, a newscaster, an ex-banker turned struggling entrepreneur, a housewilfe, what do they have in common? Ph-humanities! An offshoot of an IT mailing list or rather discussion group, its supposed to discuss anything else under the sun but bonkers of bonkers it always ends up discussing politics or religion.

Finally after more than five years ( I think since its been ages since the first EB somewhere in Libis) we had another Eye Ball (EB) and this time at Starbucks at the ABS CBN loop. I didnt really plan to go in this last minute get together but I received succeeding text invites and thought, why not? its a friday and finally I will be able to see Pinoy Big Brother house :)

Oh and I was wearing black and the venue was starbucks - black and starbucks? Oops I said they might mistake me for .........esp that one of our famous member is part of the group, who else but the organizer of the black and white movement :)

The get together was an ungodly hour supposedly 11pm but the people came a bit later. Our favorite newscaster (not not Angelo Castro) ends his stint shortly before 11pm so that time had to be it! We stayed on till the coffee shop closed ast past 1am but yvonne and Orion who arrived from Singapore still proceeded to another joint and I think ended their 'day' at 4am.