Thursday, February 03, 2005

An Unexpected Award

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More than two years ago, the editor of an IT magazine asked if I could forward to our organization's list, an announcement requesting nominees for the Most Powerful Women in IT. I did and some people posted some nominees including the President of our country who has been supportive of he industry.

A few months later, much to my amazement, I received word that I was one of the awardees. I didnt actually believe it thinking I must have misheard till I got an official letter.

Wonderful things in my life usually are unexpected and this was one of those. I offered the award to my mom and dad of course. Cant help but shed a tear during my acceptance speech when I mentioned dedicating it to my mom.

Made a photo collage above. Photo way below are with close friends who attended the awarding rites.

Photo also shows whenSenator Magsaysay treated all of us at the Tower Club much later. He as well as Senator Mar Roxas sent us congratulatory letters.

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krishnna said...

One of the most powerful women in IT? Wow, that's simply amazing! This blog is just as interesting as the travel blog you have, can I also link this up?

Someone who had been a personal guest of the PM of Japan when she was small must really be one accomplished woman.

You're an inspiration to all young pinay bloggers and non-bloggers alike!