Saturday, May 27, 2006

On the way to Paris

I was supposed to leave the house 430pm for the airport but got to leave already 5pm. My flight was at 8:05pm but I was anticipating traffic.

When I got inside the airport, check in was a breeze. For a while was worried with the two baggages I checked in as suggested by my travel agent since I will be proceeding to the US after europe.

Had to pass through a couple of xrays and what amused me was I had to take off my shoes! Apparently my shoes had metal like most of the people in line. I was wondering why in my recent past trips I never had to then I remembered I just used my rubber flat shoes then while now I wore my high heeled shoes.

I went straight to the Cathay Pacific lounge and guess who I met? Fr Nebres! He was going to honkong to attend the anniversary of Metro Pacific upon the invitation of Manny Pangilinan.

I found the Cathay lounge super 'tipid'. No ref! I was looking for the ref for cold drinks, and they said it was only in first class!

Long ago, first and business class were together in one place. Much later they separated but the accomodations in the business class lounge were still very comfortable and more than ample. I have a feeling though that this dearth is only in the manila airport.

When we boarded, I was suprised that Fr Nebres was my seatmate. Apparently the seat assigned to him was the front row center but the family in front wanted to all be together. When I stood up to go to the toilet, I found out the seat of father was given to the filipina nanny of a swiss family. Sosyal!

Father and I had a good chat though. I mentioned to him that sonme women alumni were discussing a possible Ignatian way tour for next year. He told me about the route and the places important to St Ignatius and since I will be going to Paris not to fail to visit the Church of St Ignatius.

Of course I followed as he suggested and you can see the photos in My Travel Blog.

I had to change planes in honkong so waited a good hour and half. Just had time to check out some shops, go to the lounge which was really cool! Dimsum, noodle bar (which just closed when I arrived), etc Checked and sent an impt email since I got a call from Mon Jarencio about our batch account not knowing I was out of the country.

CDG in France isnt really an ideal airport. Many find the architecture weird. Immigration, baggage claim, and customs was fast since it was very early morning (We arrived 630am). Took a cab to my hotel - Hotel Gotty opera, near the Opera Garnier of course! Cost as usual around 50 euros or a bit less.

All the rest of my trip will be discussed in my travel blog.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Induction of the new PICS Board

The induction of the new board of PICS was held last May 17, 2006 at the Zobel Room of Makati Sports Club. Keynote speaker was the new CICT Commissioner, Secretary Ramon P. Sales, a former colleague in BPI.

It was a teribly stressful day for me as I came straight from the airport from Cebu having attended the wake of a dear friend. I instructed our helper to just put my clothes for that evening in my car so when the driver fetches me I can proceed to my condo to change. I had to finish writing my speech when I arrived, change, proceed to an internet cafe to print it then rushed to the venue.

Below are some of the photos taken by a really good photographer commissioned by the Inquirer Publications where Edna is connected with.

The General Membership meeting was sponsored by Yahoo Philippines, Intel Phils, Innove Communications and Hewlett Packard.

The new officers are as follows:

Mary Anne D. Tolentino - President

Ramon Lizardo - Vice-President

Winthrop Yu - VP Treasurer

Mike Abundo - VP Emerging Technologies

Erick Kalugdan - VP Projects

Edna Belleza - Corporate Secretary