Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sugar overload? Swig some pure Neem Extract! Nature’s cure for Diabetes

By: Rissa Calica-Gimenez

One of the ancient home remedies for balancing high blood sugar or diabetes is just as close and down-to-earth as your garden. read more at

Friday, August 29, 2008

What's New at

Hello All Proud to be Filipinas!

Once again we would like to invite you to register and join the new online magazine and Social Network for Filipinas all over the world.

We have a lot of interesting reads, from Caren's "Second Generation Entrepreneurs" where she mentions that 420 women go out and start their own businesses and most of them are growing revenues, profits and creating more jobs than the businesses itself!

---to Rissa's new natural health find, "Sugar overload? Swig some pure Neem Extract! Nature’s cure for Diabetes" Find out the secret brew in

Corrine Blogs about her craving for "Ensaymada" but she says that "When I think or say Ensaymada I do not mean I am craving for sweets but for the comfort of what I am missing" . Isn't that sweet!

You will all be inspired by Lella's Halo Halong Halo, A heavenly mix of things that make life worth savoring.

Join us and comment on the various ongoing Forum topics such as Living with Extended Family, Dealing with your mother in law, Top Attractions in Europe and many more! Create your own thread and let everyone else join the fun!

We hope to see you there. Just hit Register, type your name and email then get your free account activated.