Friday, February 04, 2005

The South Beach Challenge

Its been more than two weeks and I sometimes feel like a bunny with the all the greens I have to eat for lunch, snack or dinner.

There is usually one "heavy' meal made up of either fish, lean pork or meat. The meaty portion is usually served dinner but if so, lunch is only cold soup which I am not used to.

I like the breakfast which is almost always an omelette or my favorite spinach ricotta square. Am trying to check on the recipes in the book so I will be able to cook the meals myself later.

Unfortunately I dont have an oven in the condo and I think the ricotta squares are baked.

Lost some 10 pounds when I was faithfully following it but then after a week, there were times I cheated specially when I have a meeting outside so average loss is only around 8 lbs.

Not bad I guess for I am sick and tired of fast weight loss. It just comes back as fast.

I finished phase 1 (two weeks) and just started on the modified phase 1 with some fruits being added to the daily meal.

Gosh this is expensive but maybe worth it.

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