Saturday, March 03, 2007

How to feel like a queen even if your'e broke (Feb 22)

One - win a two night stay at the plush Peninsula Hongkong with $HKG 4k worth of whole day spa treatment Two - be lucky enough to be a director of an organization who suddenly decided to have a planning conference in the same city and voila! It was more than a welcome respite from all the past months challenges.

Upon arrival at Hongkong airport, had to take a photo of this typical chinese New Year decor. It was still chinese new year fever in the country when I arrived. I re read my email instruction from the hotel and proceeded to the next terminal where the Peninsula Hotel counter is located.

True enough they were waiting for me. They thought I got lost. Actually I took my sweet time strolling and getting some tour brochures. The Pen staff then escorted me to the Rolls Royce which will take me to the hotel.

I can't help it of course but to request the driver to have a souvenir shot with the rolls which will take me to the pen :)

I continued to take some shots of the inside. I liked the mini cabinet under my seat but since I was using the seatbelt couldnt bend much to shoot. This photo is just one of the control panels.
The mini cabinet contained cold towels and evian water bottles.

My check in was done inside the bedroom. A hotel guest relations officer accompanied me to explain details of the room plus my stay including my pre-booking with the Spa.

I have a fetish for bathrooms. I love big clean ones with lots of amenities so this was really a wow! You have your own personal tv screen plus controls in front of the bath tub :)

The magic of technology, good thing my digi cam had a self timer so had fun taking photos of myself inside the various parts of the deluxe room.

Since I got delayed going to the hotel and I was really groggy from the trip (I hardly slept having to wake up at 5am), I was not able to use the gym but was accompanied straight to the Spa area to fill up some diagnostic form and change to my robe for a foot bath after which I was led to the pool dining area for my late lunch which came with the package. The pool and surrounding looks just like the one in our Wiesbaden hotel last October but this seem to be better.

Since I was alone in the place when I arrived, I was able to ask the waiter to take my photo.

The great thing about the place is the breathtaking view of the harbor while swimming and dining.

the whole place really reminds me of Wiesbaden, the color and design of furniture almost the same. The only difference is that germany didnt have the view of the harbor.

The first part of the gourmet will was a tomato soup but I forgot to take its photo. The second one is fish with lentils shown here.

To cap the meal is a fruity chocolate dessert.

A chamomile tea to help melt down the food.

This was the last view of the harbor before I was escorted to the SPA area.

After my therapist took discussed my treatment, and the facilities I can use inside this Private Suite, I had my photo taken against the jacuzzi and harbor scene.

Showered, took a steam batch for a few minutes before I plunged to the jacuzzi.

The cabinet was filled with various creams and scents I had to choose from before I was told what it really was. The therapist said it was what my body was partial too. Most of those I chose was on the rose scent side.

Ended very late at past 9pm. It was full detox so tiring too from a basic massage, to a seeweed wrap then hot lava stones and a final detox massage. Got so hungry after that I had to order some dinner when I got back to the room.