Saturday, January 01, 2005

SETI, ICT Event Paris, 2002

SETI 2002 Posted by Hello

This was the 1st ICT technology week held in paris last 2002. Our country was represented by our organization,m The Philippine Internet Commerce Society. Vince, Janette, myself, Bebeth, Bernie and wife are shown here in the Philippine booth.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Guests of the Prince!

imperial palace Posted by Hello

Yes, we were guests of the then Prince Akihito, now an Emperor. Actually it was only Dad and Mom who were invited but poor mary anne who will be left behind. Being the only child, they would want me of course to be with them in this important ocassion so they had to ask permission from the palace.

The photo shown here is the one and only official photo taken by palace media. At 5 years old, I was not really aware of who we were meeting and his importance. All i remembered was we kept circling the palacsince we arrived a few minutes early of the appointment. When I was older, i learned from mom that we could only enter the palace grounds on the exact time of the invitation. We were accompanied by the japanese ambassador only up to the reception area. Only the invited guests can meet with the Prince.

When we got in the 'meeting room', what I remembered was meeting a very fair complexioned slit eyed rosy cheek guy who I felt like pinching because of his seemingly blushing face. I told this to dad so he tried holding me back with all his might otherwise I might just really pinch the Prince.

Dad and Mom presented a painting by Narciso Reyes. I can't recall what they discussed but it was sure an interesting moment in life.

My First Airplane Flight

first plane flight Posted by Hello

I will never forget the first time I took the plane. We were headed for Tokyo accepting an invitation from the then Prince Akihito (now Emperor).

Many firsts in our lives usually get stuck in our memories but this was extraordinary for we almost didnt make it to our destination.

First I found out i easily get air sick (well I have some form of motion sickness) but you might say I had reason to be air sick then, why? Well, I think one of the plane's engines conked out making it almost nose dive a thousand feet- yes almost because after the drop, we were still up on air.

Oxygen masks all of a sudden appeared. Who would think that after several dozens of international flight by my parents, their first with their only child will prove this dramatic? :)

Because of this yellow dangling object right in front of our faces, dad nervously got the mask and placed it mistakenly on top of my head ha ha ha, then on my face to aid me in breathing. Thats when I got dizzy.

Mom said there was a passenger who got so nervous he tried bringing out a cigarette (yes smoking was still allowed during that time) but dad gave him a karate chop since lighting it might explode the plane! The oxygen was still out!

The plane had to turn and land in Honkong. When we reached the airport we were told to wait while they fixed the problem. Dad chose to buy another ticket rather than take the same plane.

Quite an adventure looking back!

Dec 30, 2004 Family Reunion

zalazar reunion 2004 Posted by Hello

I just came from our Zalazar family reunion last night held at the Ona residence in Data St. I think its first time I visited that place again after the uneventful fire a few years ago (mom was still alive then). We were all at the garden just outside the place of Leo and Debbie who occupied the first house.

The second house is Philip's and Ampy's. Philip toured me in their place after dinner.

We were not complete for Dad didnt feel well. Tita Gracing is in the US with Jun and Elo. Jeff was in Boracay. Cath was working at the call center.

When we had the traditional group photo the oldest generation is represented by Tita Tessie and Tito Jun Ona. It should have been Dad and Tita Gracing.

Last year was the first reunion without the two pillars of thed zalazar clan - Mom and Tito Tomas. Our Family reunions used to be complete except Tita Ely and Tito Nitoy who live in the US.

This year's reunion had the most number of babies! We had the new baby of Cris, Earl's Mio and the barely two month old Sophie. Of course we had Rael who just celebrated his 2nd birthday. He was last year's youngest member of the clan.

Christmas mass with mom

momxmas2004 Posted by Hello

Since mom passed away we never prepared much at home for anyone except that christmas day this year, we unexpectedly had visitors for lunch. Dad's relatives arrived noon time and stayed on till we had to leave late afternoon to hear mass at mom's grave.

Aling Miguela and Beverly arrived at home and went with us to fetch the priest at Don Bosco then proceeded to Heritage Memorial Park.

Photo shows Dad blessing mom's grave after mass. I am the one in green :)

After mass, we proceeded to the Fort for an early dinner. Unfortunately all eateries were closed so off we went back to makati and settled for Dulcinea in Greenbelt 1. I preferred Via Mare for the puto bumbong and bibingka but it seems dad wanted the richer spanish meal.

While Dad brought back the priest to Don Bosco, Aling Miguela, Beverly and I watched 'So Happy Together' at Greenbelt 1 cinema.

The New CIRCLES Event Cafe at Makati Shangrila

Choco Dessert at Circles Posted by Hello

I treated Dad at the new Circles Cafe at Makati Shang, the evening before christmas. I happen to see the place on TV a month ago and I thought it looked similar to Mandarin's Paseo Uno. I guess Paseo being new then got a big chunk of their clients therefore they had to refurbish their good old coffee shop.

I was thinking of reserving a place since I had a feeling it might be full being a new place in town. Unfortunately I never had a chance to so off we went to take our chance. True to form, the place was booked but since we were just two and it seems it was the foreign F and B who met us at the door, he was able to give us a good place near the buffet tables.

Wow!!!! That was my remark deep inside when I saw the feast in front of my eyes. I suddenly remembered a similar buffet in Shang Honkong (Pacific Place). Presentation was very close.

I concentrated on the lobster, cold appetizer since I dont usually get to take such regularly. Took some of my favorite sashimi of course. I forgot that its heavy thats why I hardly ate the other selection. Went straight to the hot section after my starters (skipped the salad for I already felt bloated) and took some of the roast beef, vegetables and my favorite scallops! As expected I was not able to finish them all except the scallops which are light enough.

Headed then for the array of dessert. Chose to post a photo of the mouth watering chocolate syrup where one can choose fruits or mashmallows to dip this with. I took that shot with my 7610 camera phone.

I think most of the desserts were creatively designed, such a pity to just bite on them. Took a bite of the tiny version of apple strudel, custard and ube ice cream ( in tiny bowls).

After all the gorging, I needed to order some green tea to help my digest everything.

Oh and I forgot to mention, before we entered the cafe, we were told they are serving a special holiday selection therefore the price is higher than regular at 1,700++ each good thing I didnt take breakfast and just a very light lunch just enough to be able to drink my medecines.

I think I was able to try not even one third of the variety. I tried checking on the other meals after my tea and noticed there were assortment of noodles, other asian food, dimsum, lechon etc.

Next time I go here, I must make sure its my only meal for that day and that I don't gorge much on the lobsters :)

Thursday, December 30, 2004

A memorable College jubilee celebration

Ateneo College 78 on stage Posted by Hello

It took us three years at least to prepare for the grand silver held last Dec 2003. Several reunions, get togethers, meetings, trying to track down people all over the philippines and even the world. Many flew all the way from another country where they are based just to join all of us, reminisce the good old college days, mingle with former professors and friends.

After decades in corporate life, it feels great just to be with real and true friends :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas get together Dec 15

ateneo christmas reunion at figaro Posted by Hello

Last Dec 15, our college batch had a get together at Ice Vodka, greenbelt three. The photo shown here is outside Figaro coffee house. We decided to move at around past 11pm since the vodka place got noisy and we could not understand each other.

From the photo you can see most of them are drunk specially the guys. Yes I used 'them' cause I was not :) Am scared to drink a lot and get a headache later.

I guess Jan B Banzon had the worst 'tama' since he started drinking early :) From the photo you can see him laying by the benjie laza's shoulder. Mon Caballero and Aster Sotto left before the photo session. Bobby Tuason was visiting from Singapore. Learned he is now with Agfa. He was not able to join us last Dec 2003 silver jubilee celebration, since he had a new job and was stationed at Malaysia then.

Winnie chose Ice Vodka since its owned by another Atenean and she was able to extend the happy hour price. Our two Bio girls, Sally and Renee mixed vodka and red wine well. They didnt seem as drunk as the guys. At least we had two doctors in case someone got sick due to too much drinking :)

Sonny Clutario, Marcy Rivera, Mon Jarencio, Jovie Sison our Call Center guru and Innove's Clarisse (who arrived last) were also present.

Still hoping to visit my favorite city again

maan at notre dame, paris Posted by Hello

I was just on the phone with Bebeth, my lawyer friend and like me a lover of Paris. She asked if I watched the last episode of Sex in the City but said I didnt. The reason she asked was because of the scene shot in Paris. We both miss the city and wish one day soon we both can visit again. The photo shown here was taken by bebeth when we were there last March 2002.

I told her to watch Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson. I loved the sound track, mostly french music and most specially the scene at the end shot in Paris.

Special days at Mom's resting place

heritage 2002 valentine Posted by Hello

Whenever there are special ocassions, Dad and I always celebrate this at Mom's grave in Heritage Park such as Valentines, shown in this photo, Christmas, New Year, Moms bday and their Wedding Anniversary coming soon next month.

At the Candelaria track

Tess Arnel and I at the railroad track in Candelaria, Quezon Posted by Hello

When Arnel, Tess and I visited quezon a few months ago, we decided to try the makeshift mini train powered manually :)

We were wondering what happens when another such vehicle comes from the opposite route. There was only one track. True enough after a few minutes there came one. Apparently we had to give way to the one coming back. We all had to alight and the operator manually brought down the wooden shaft to give way. We tried helping him but it became more complicated so he did it himself.

Was truly an exciting experience asking him a couple of times to stop so we can take photos :)

First day of work after Christmas day

Had always wanted to regularly post a blog but my various activities prevented me to do so. I noticed I tried creating a couple of them but it ended with just creation or one post . I guess I will try to post something more often. A good outlet, channel to share thoughts and even refresh my memory after a period.

After work, I decided to go to Shoe Mart to finally buy something for myself. I dont think I even bought new clothes last christmas so for the first time in two years I decided, what the heck I need to enjoy my earnings. I think I purchased around six blouses mostly linen.

Another reason I went to Shoe Mart is to buy some table silvers after what happened last christmas day. Well since mom passed away, we never really held parties or had lots of guests for meals. We were never able to open the buffet cabinet where all the utensils of mom were kept. The few silvers we had, some of the past helpers must have stolen so when dad's relatives all of sudden appeared, a truckload of them, gosh we didnt have enough spoon and fork! I knew I kept some new ones in my room but for some reason just could not find them. I then proceeded to buy several dozens of spoons, forks, teaspoons, servings spoons and dishes etc.

Since I had my regular bout of allergies esp after cleaning my room finally last weekend, I bought some oranges - the ponkan and sunkist variety. Got an electric juicer for the condo so I can make my own juice. The manual juicer is out of stock.

Since I finished my ponkan supply in the condo, I went to Rustan right before it closed to buy some more plus some sunkist. Took my dinner at yum yum tree. The driver fetched dad and lina at the condo while I took dinner. As usual I arrived almost closing time so I was the last customer before the supermarket finally closed.