Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Notebook panic

Last Sunday afternoon, after I installed a printer driver, the display and power of my new notebook suddenly went kaput! I thought the plus was loose so I tightened it. Still zero power.

I then moved moved my notebook to another electrical outlet just in there was something wrong with the last one. Still zero power. Panic time!

I called Electroworld and told them I will be in makati and to wait for me. Bryan, the technician was so confident it was just the battery. I said how can it be! I knew it, I said thats why I didnt want to get another compaq blah blah, - was still on panicky state considering all the new data without any back up :(

He later took out the battery pack, pressed something, placed it back and pushed the power. It worked!

He explained to me that it already happened before and his previous client also panicked. If the notebook was shaken it could happen so there was a reset button inside.

He also said that when the notebook is plugged electricity travels to the battery first then to the unit so the notebook will not work if the batter is not installed.

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