Saturday, February 12, 2005

Terribly frustrated with my new compaq presario

Yes you bet I am! I was terribly upset the other day. A few days ago, they changed the battery of my notebook since although it shows a fully charged battery, once I remove the plug it has no power.

Well I noticed the new battery does not charge so they told me to bring it in the afternoon of friday. I went to Electroworld and guess what, the sales person attending to me was not there. Apparently he had to leave in haste due to another upset customer who demanded a unit replacement.

I think that was unfair since I was nice on the phone and he committed to wait and just becasue someone else got angry he will leave? When I learned that, they heard me utter some expletives and hurriedly left to go straight to the Compaq service center at the Robison's Summit bldg in Ayala.

I earlier talked to Nikka Singson of HP and mentioned my utter displeasure with my notebook. Since she will be in a meeting soon, she told me to look for Don Maililin who holds office at the 34th floor (not sure) but will go down when I arrive. When I went inside the service area, I asked for Don and it seems he was waiting so the security guard called a certain Johnny who led me to a room.

He took a look at my notebook. Tried upgrading the bios. He asked if I update the bios and I said I never knew I must update it! One updates the OS or anti virus system but never a notebooks bios! I said I will never leave my notebook for I need it always.

So many reasons after, he offered to get a service unit for me on monday. I called the sales head of electroworld so the two of them can talk. I demanded that they back up my data to be transferred to the service unit.

Today, saturday I brought my notebook to Electroworld so data can be moved to an external HD. Bryan, the person attending to me said he believes the compaq people should not have updated the bios program since that was not the solution to the battery problem

It took him three hours I guess to back it up. Am seriously mulling writing to the president and demanding a unit replacement.

If this does not happen, I guess I have to tell the people in the industry of this terrible experience with this brand.


gabusch said...

Hi Maan,

It looks like the PICS President is also its most prolific blogger!

Too bad you weren't able to make it to the web conference. Anyway, it seems like I can still get to know more about you through your blogs.

By the way - love the travel blog - seems like you've been everywhere! =)

Gabby Dizon

Dennis Valdes said...

Three words for you: Get a Mac. :-)