Monday, February 07, 2005

A very

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I had been mulling to watch this movie ever since last weekend but never got the chance to. I never even knew the storyline then when I received a text from Carol last saturday saying she just watched this great french movie.

I never realized it was french! Hmm the more I got interested. Carol was one of my converts (after Bebeth) to the french language. After her stint at Cervantes, she immediately enrolled in my fave language school, Alliance Francaise.

I learned it was a war film and I usually hate war stuff but I did catch the last show after doing some grocery and a quick supper. Yes it was long (more than two hours) but I guess it had to be that way to show the depth of determination and perservarance the lead had to go through.

There were english subtitles but sometimes I try to freshen up my french by not looking at some of them :)

Btw, it won the best foreign language film. Worth a try.

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