Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tire Lock in Lucena!

Tire Lock in Lucena! Posted by Hello

Rowena and I had to go with Jude to the quezon rural bank since he had an apointment with a lawyer. Wanted to get back to manila early since we had a scheduled Web Conference at 6pm.

I was kinda fidgety when we had to wait while he talks to some people. Anyway, to cut the long story short, what a small world, the lawyer he was talking to turned out to be the father of lella, my kumare and barkada.

After their talk, Atty. Medenilla treated us for snack in their fine dining area. I was the one who said we had to go after the meal otherwise time is ticking and soon will be dark.

When we went down the bldg, good lord, Jude noticed his right tire was locked! Apparently we were in a No Parking area! To think I was in a great hurry to leave, now we got more delayed.

I think its a racket of the municpaility. There was no "NO Parking" sign at all. The line along the side street was white and you would think its a parking space just like in manila. We learned that white meant no parking!!!!!!! I still think its something dumb but I guess no one has really complained intently.

After about half an hour, jude's friend I think paid the fine and they removed the lock.

Had to take a photo since its the first time I saw a tire get locked due to parking violation.

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