Sunday, February 13, 2005

Blogger land discoveries

Gosh have been discovering many things from blogs. This morning, I just found out that Dondi Mapa's grandfather was a good friend of my dad.

I read his recent blog last night and asked him this morning if his maternal grandpa has a round face and lives near malate since I used to accompany my dad in Dr. Ongpin's residence when I was a kid and he said yes its the same person! Small world.

Early this evening, I also learned that my good friend Edna also has a blog! Well she responded to my recent post in the PICS mailing list about pinoy blogs albeit done privately.

Typical of Edna she will never identify herself in her profile and will not share her url with others ha ha :) Its just so cool that it was Dennis who finally convinced her to start via an sms message. Of course her interest now was much was influenced by the Webcon on Blogging we recently held last thursday.

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Dennis Valdes said...

Alfonso T. Ongpin was one of the foremost collectors of Philippine art and a well-known art restorer as well. (He restored Luna's Spolarium and the Blood Compact in Malacanang.) When I used to visit him as a young boy, I recall his house being full of paintings by Luna, Hidalgo and other artists of that era. He also had an extensive collection of Rizal memorabilia, including a portion of the coat the hero was wearing when he was executed and Amorsolo's paintings of his girlfriends. The Rizaliana is now mostly in the Fort Santiago museum, while most of the art was sold off. My grandmother Lourdes, Lolo Poncho's daughter-in-law, retains just one or two of these great works of Philippine art. Dondi's Mom, Lirio Ongpin Mapa, is the first cousin of my Mom, Cynthia Ongpin Valdes. Small world indeed!