Thursday, February 17, 2005

Globe G-Cash wins a GSM Association Award!

You won't believe this but I stumbled upon this breaking news in a friend's blog :)

Globe's G-Cash just won in Cannes, France! Partly quoting Justin's blog:

"Globe G-Cash, the breakthrough mobile commerce service from Globe Telecom, brought honor to the Philippines as it made telco history as the first awardee for "Best Mobile Messaging Service" in the prestigious GSM Association Awards. The category for "Best Mobile Messaging Service" is new this year, making G-Cash's victory a true milestone. Further, Globe Telecom received the distinction of being the only Filipino telecommunications company on this year's short list for the prestigious GSM Awards for both "Best Mobile Messaging Service" and across all categories. "

I knew G-Cash was bound to win this year. I believe its a killer ap. Am mighty proud of the filipino talent. Smart Comm. won twice in a row the previous year for their Smart Money and Smart e-load.

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