Monday, February 14, 2005

On Valentine Bombings, New BSP governor and other news

Whew what a day! As posted earlier I received news early morning that that Sr. Lucia just passed away. Come noon time I learned from the news that my classmate's husband will be the new Banko Sentral governor so I texted her. Apparently she didnt know of the announcement since she was in Rome with her dad a former BIR commissioner. She didnt even want to believe it till I told her I was watching the news on TV!

Later early evening, I learned that the major cause of traffic in makati was not really because of Valentine celebratons but a Bus that had been bombed along edsa corner ayala! Good heavens, just when the economy of the country was going so strong, here comes the usual dampeners. I wonder how the stock market will react tomorrow.

Edna and I were testing my chat window earlier and she expressed the same concern.

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bizdriven said...

hi maan,

I am sure our country will grow despite this --- many countries have.

Hopefully good sense will prevail.