Monday, February 14, 2005

My Valentine Date

dad on valentines Posted by Hello

Yes my date is dad! I actually wanted to treat him out to Kimpura, one of his favorite places since I planned to take shabu shabu. At least its just boiled food but he didnt feel like eating japanese so off we went to Jade Garden in Greenbelt. He asked if I could eat steamed shrimp and shellfish soup and said yes.

Well Jade didnt have shellfish soup (its a chinese resto not jap or pinoy!) so we settled for spinach soup with crab meat. I ordered steamed lapu lapu, the most expensive meal on the table! Well it seems the safest food to eat for someone doing southbeach diet.

I also ordered some steamed taiwanese pechay but it all seemed a lot so I ended up taking it out after dinner.

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