Sunday, December 31, 2006

Zalazar Annual Family Reunion (Dec. 30, 2006)

The annual reunion of the zalazar clan, relatives from my Mom's side was held last Dec. 30, 2006 at Hap Chan Resto veranda, Brittany Bay.

Zalazar originally included the Dadia, Ollada, and Tolentino families but now due to marriages included Ona, Lacson, Gonzales, Custodio, and many more.

Early this week, I accompanied Joy to various restos inside BF Homes but we ended up at Brittany Bay which overlooks the Laguna de Bay. It was our first time in that complex which includes other famous restos as Pancake, Dencios, Figaro, Grappas and even the newly opened In the Mood (which appparently was franchised by Larry Cruz to Villar).

We informed everyone that lunch starts 1pm so that it will not be too sunny and warm. Since I went home very late the previous day (around 2am and slept around 4am), I arrived almost 2pm.

Lo and behold, I was the first visitor after Joy of course who hosted the get together. Everyone arrived much later as what usually happens each year.

The food in HapChan was sumptuous and includes the all time favorite garlic fish fillet.

Timmy, Jon, Trixine, Emily and little marcus line up to take the very late lunch.

Joy checking on each of the dishes as she fears it might not be enough. Actually the waiters did well serving so we were able to take home the left over and had it for dinner :)

Enjoying the late lunch on center table Boy, Tito Jun, Ampy, Earl, me, Lulu, Tita Tessie

Patricia taking her turn.

Tita Maan's gifts for the clan. Took the photo before I gave them away :))

Ampy with Martin Miguel. This reunion I think has the most number of kids and babies.
A few years ago, in my first website (which yahoo geocities already deleted boohoo), Marcus, the son of Cath was the youngest member of the clan.

This time we have two! Besides martin we have the new baby of Cath. Photo shows the new baby with parents Cath and husband.

This is the gadgets corner during the party. Tita Marlo on her mobile phone with Teetap and Timmy busy with their new Mac and HP notebook.

Patricia joins the gadget freaks including the Tita's (Trix with her new DELL, Maan with the reliable mini fujitsu lifebook bundled with Visibility so we can all be connected, and Ampy- all with their respective nanos, video Ipods, portable speakers, externals filled with photos and mp3s!

Now its time for the traditional group photo!!!

Last year's reunion was really sad. Many not available. Some came very early and left. I arrived late so group phot was just a handful. This time it was fun.

We chose the bay as the backdrop instead of the restaurant bldg.

This last was the best and brightest since the waiter taking the shot stood on a chair and we were all asked to wave!!!

Hoping for a better, healthy, and successful New Yar for everyone!

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