Saturday, December 30, 2006

Impromptu Get Together at Mendy's (Dec. 29, 2006)

Well that's how mendy termed the so called "after dinner"invitation....impromptu, but he informed us a few days earlier :) so paanong impromptu? :)
Naku kung hindi ka lang mendy, I don't think Lella and I will really go that far north on a late friday evening of december!
Lella and I took dinner at Zen resto in glorietta before we proceeded to Mendy's place at Retiro. When we arrived in his house, the table was overflowing with food! And I thought it was after dinner :)

Joel Limjap left earlier so he wasnt included in the photos. He had to go to another party. Gina said she arrived sevenish. Had we known some will be coming early we would have done the same so we can go home before midnight.
Had fun reminiscing the good old days as in past reunions. Mendy was so kind to give each of us CD copies of music during our era. Boi Rotea arrived late. The girls made baon some of the sweet mangoes and goldilocks mamon. As you can see from the photos, walang ginawa si mendy kundi mag tinker sa cellphone - texting and calling.

Nice shot from up the staircase! Actually it hides all the flaws since we had to look up :)

from left: joseph taking some shots, his wife, mendy perenially on the phone, and was that jimmy? or tony?

lella, sally, gina, moi and joseph co's wife

Gina and some of the chinese guys led by Joseph, went home around a bit past midnight. Mendy requested us to stay half an hour more which meant Lella and I bid our adieu shortly before 1am.

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