Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Celebration with the new Nuncio (Dec 27, 2006)

Last Dec 27 was the christmas celebration at the Nunciature with the new Nuncio (the Pope's representative to a country), Archbishop Fernando Filoni. He used to represent the Pope in Baghdad, Iraq from 2001 till early this year.

The first time he was introduced to the friends of the Nunciature, I was not around. The Pope's day was usually held June each year, and during that time I was still in europe. I made sure that this time I will not miss the event so that I can meet the new nuncio.

This photo was actually taken after dinner. Asela (representing Focolare) and I moved to the Interfaith table (buddhists, muslims, etc) to have a chat. I asked the waiter to take our photo together with Fr. Reuter, good thing His Excellency also joined us.

When we were supposed to takeo our seats at the start of dinner, I asked Asela which table we will be taking. I seemed to want to join the table of the Italians like last year. She wanted to take the one with the Inter-faith table but we lacked one chair so we settled for the next table which was actually at the center.

Well, well, well, we didnt know that this would be the table also of the nuncio so we were lucky indeed. Seated beside me was Her Excellency Vera, Philippine Ambassador to the Vatican. I asked her about Msgr Caputto and she told me that I could send a letter for him which she could hand carry. I told her I don't think he knows that dad has already passed away.

There was no program this evening unlike in the past but we had the usual sumptous dinner then His Excellency gave his christmas message to everyone.

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