Saturday, November 26, 2005

Philippine Webby 2005

Never planned to attend this year's webby awards since I had tons of work and commitments plus the fact that i knew it ends very late but then maryann go, owner of itzamatch, a PICS member kept asking me to join her since she is a finalist. She got a ticket for me so couldnt refuse. Besides, there were three other PICS members who were finalist namely of Planters Bank, Don Bosco Technical School, VMV Hypoallergenics. VMV won under the eCommerce category I think for both the main award and the popularity category. Don Bosco I think won only in the popularity area but there was a booboo with the script and video. The presentors announced the La Salle Dasma as the winner but the screen onstage showed Don Bosco. After La Salle received their award, the hosts repeated the winners and mentioned Don Bosco instead of La Salle! Hmmm....which is which?

I also never planned to shoot photos but Dondi approaced me and requested to take his photo onstage when its his turn to present. Well I took several dozen shots and one of them is shown here.

The show started two hours late, 9pm instead of 7pm, perhaps due to the horrendous traffic and ended around 11pm or so and we were all famished.