Monday, November 21, 2005

How techie can one be in makati?

I bought a small laptop in Singapore so it will be convenient to tug along whenever I want to get connected in a mall. Right after my Cash flow afternoon, getting my dry cleaned stuff and some groceries, I decided to take dinner somewhere there maybe a hot spot (except the cafes). I was planning to try Fridays at Glorietta 3 (since its near the Digital Exhange area I would supppose there as some wireless connection) but since I was famished and preferred jap food, I decided on Zen.

After I took a table I asked the server if they had some wifi conection and guess what she replied? She gave a 'Duh?" look and said she will check the menu. Was it better if I asked if they were a hotspot? but then again, she might think I was asking for hot soup?

Didnt know whether to laugh or feel exasperated. To think that the owner of the resto is an IT guy :) I tried calling him to share the experience but I think he changed numbers.

After the meal, off I went to the third floor to take coffee at seattles best. At last I said to myself I can surf and check my mails. I noticed that there was a Wiz signage near the cashier. I didnt have a Wiz account so I asked for a prepaid card. They said Innove recalled all of them since the codes have not been working for weeks. Duh! So I asked if there was some airborne access connection as in other Seattles Best branches. I have an I-Manila account which could access Airborne accounts. The supervisor replied that they usually carry Airborne accounts except in this particular branch since its a Globe terriotry.

Now for an internet advocate, I have been getting frustrated to no end. He told me to try to access airborne since some of their clients in the past had seemed to be successful in connecting to such. I tried searching for available connections but there was none!

I then called a friend in Innove who reports the president and shared my frustation. I asked her to also talk to the suprvisor of Seattles Best who has expressed his disappointment with lost potential income from Wiz prepaid cards.

This happened in Makati, not other places in metro manila, not even the rural areas. Yes I was in makati and Wi-fi sounded like a type of food and I couldnt even connect inside the biggest mall in the heart of the financial district!

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