Monday, November 21, 2005

As I update my I-pod and read other blogs.....

what comes to mind? Longing to visit my favorite cities in europe :(

I was just adding some french song collection as well as the music of Laura Fygi while reading blogs from pinoys in europe when all of a sudden I waxed nostalgia. Missing Paris, Positano and even the various plaza mayors of spain.

I need to apply what I learned in Cash Flow fast and improve that much sought after passive income so I can again go beyond my asian trip. Hmmm but I need to go to the US soon for my visa will expire in less than a year! Gosh, decisions, decisions......

In the meantime, not bad to dream. If I had a couple of millions (dollars or euros not pesos) right now, I want to fly to Ediburgh, have not seen the place yet and from what I heard and read, its lovely. Would want to again visit the islands of Greece, at least the major islands that I was not able to see when I first experienced the place after college.

Want to experience christmas at Rothenburg ob de Tauber, see Ghent, visit Lourdes, and Fatima, my parents favorites, spend early spring again in Positano but this time visit Sicily which I missed the last time. I want to spend a two nights in Naples which I just saw for less than a day, ride the Gondola in Venice in the summer (which I never experienced even after a number of visits due to the cold weather), and spend a few nights in Florence.

Its not bad to dream so let me add, a few visits to the spas in Switzerland which I was never able to do before, enter the beautiful castle of Neuschwanstein which I was not able to see for my parents couldnt walk too far then, and this time take a trip to Koln to see the world renowned Cathedral with the remains of the Magi. My video got stolen when we were about to board the train for Cologne so missed seeing the city.

For all its worth I wanna go back to Euro Disney since the tape of the video I took got stolen. In this day and age no one uses a video tape much. Its the age of digital cams :)

I wanna visit Lisbon and try to see Erica who helped me and dad when he was hospitalized last 1999. I will always be indebted to her and her husband. I wonder if she had a baby something she has long been praying for.

Also, maybe I will go with Bebeth to Sweden this time as she had been drooling about her trip her a few years ago. Since I will be in the area, would like to visit Finland and Iceland, the two countries I have not visited in the Scandinavian region.

Perhaps I will also take the Kirkenes steamer (ship?) this time instead of doing land travel to Svalbard, somewhere near north pole.

Since its not expensive to dream, I would also love to visit south america. Mom had been wanting to join a south american tour but was never able to. I will always remember her dream if ever this travel dream becomes a reality.

Now my i-pod is updated and I need to wake up :)

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