Friday, December 31, 2004

My First Airplane Flight

first plane flight Posted by Hello

I will never forget the first time I took the plane. We were headed for Tokyo accepting an invitation from the then Prince Akihito (now Emperor).

Many firsts in our lives usually get stuck in our memories but this was extraordinary for we almost didnt make it to our destination.

First I found out i easily get air sick (well I have some form of motion sickness) but you might say I had reason to be air sick then, why? Well, I think one of the plane's engines conked out making it almost nose dive a thousand feet- yes almost because after the drop, we were still up on air.

Oxygen masks all of a sudden appeared. Who would think that after several dozens of international flight by my parents, their first with their only child will prove this dramatic? :)

Because of this yellow dangling object right in front of our faces, dad nervously got the mask and placed it mistakenly on top of my head ha ha ha, then on my face to aid me in breathing. Thats when I got dizzy.

Mom said there was a passenger who got so nervous he tried bringing out a cigarette (yes smoking was still allowed during that time) but dad gave him a karate chop since lighting it might explode the plane! The oxygen was still out!

The plane had to turn and land in Honkong. When we reached the airport we were told to wait while they fixed the problem. Dad chose to buy another ticket rather than take the same plane.

Quite an adventure looking back!

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