Friday, December 31, 2004

Dec 30, 2004 Family Reunion

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I just came from our Zalazar family reunion last night held at the Ona residence in Data St. I think its first time I visited that place again after the uneventful fire a few years ago (mom was still alive then). We were all at the garden just outside the place of Leo and Debbie who occupied the first house.

The second house is Philip's and Ampy's. Philip toured me in their place after dinner.

We were not complete for Dad didnt feel well. Tita Gracing is in the US with Jun and Elo. Jeff was in Boracay. Cath was working at the call center.

When we had the traditional group photo the oldest generation is represented by Tita Tessie and Tito Jun Ona. It should have been Dad and Tita Gracing.

Last year was the first reunion without the two pillars of thed zalazar clan - Mom and Tito Tomas. Our Family reunions used to be complete except Tita Ely and Tito Nitoy who live in the US.

This year's reunion had the most number of babies! We had the new baby of Cris, Earl's Mio and the barely two month old Sophie. Of course we had Rael who just celebrated his 2nd birthday. He was last year's youngest member of the clan.

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