Friday, December 31, 2004

The New CIRCLES Event Cafe at Makati Shangrila

Choco Dessert at Circles Posted by Hello

I treated Dad at the new Circles Cafe at Makati Shang, the evening before christmas. I happen to see the place on TV a month ago and I thought it looked similar to Mandarin's Paseo Uno. I guess Paseo being new then got a big chunk of their clients therefore they had to refurbish their good old coffee shop.

I was thinking of reserving a place since I had a feeling it might be full being a new place in town. Unfortunately I never had a chance to so off we went to take our chance. True to form, the place was booked but since we were just two and it seems it was the foreign F and B who met us at the door, he was able to give us a good place near the buffet tables.

Wow!!!! That was my remark deep inside when I saw the feast in front of my eyes. I suddenly remembered a similar buffet in Shang Honkong (Pacific Place). Presentation was very close.

I concentrated on the lobster, cold appetizer since I dont usually get to take such regularly. Took some of my favorite sashimi of course. I forgot that its heavy thats why I hardly ate the other selection. Went straight to the hot section after my starters (skipped the salad for I already felt bloated) and took some of the roast beef, vegetables and my favorite scallops! As expected I was not able to finish them all except the scallops which are light enough.

Headed then for the array of dessert. Chose to post a photo of the mouth watering chocolate syrup where one can choose fruits or mashmallows to dip this with. I took that shot with my 7610 camera phone.

I think most of the desserts were creatively designed, such a pity to just bite on them. Took a bite of the tiny version of apple strudel, custard and ube ice cream ( in tiny bowls).

After all the gorging, I needed to order some green tea to help my digest everything.

Oh and I forgot to mention, before we entered the cafe, we were told they are serving a special holiday selection therefore the price is higher than regular at 1,700++ each good thing I didnt take breakfast and just a very light lunch just enough to be able to drink my medecines.

I think I was able to try not even one third of the variety. I tried checking on the other meals after my tea and noticed there were assortment of noodles, other asian food, dimsum, lechon etc.

Next time I go here, I must make sure its my only meal for that day and that I don't gorge much on the lobsters :)

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lovetoride aka tito lits said...

that chocolate fountain looks sinfully sweetilicious :-)