Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas get together Dec 15

ateneo christmas reunion at figaro Posted by Hello

Last Dec 15, our college batch had a get together at Ice Vodka, greenbelt three. The photo shown here is outside Figaro coffee house. We decided to move at around past 11pm since the vodka place got noisy and we could not understand each other.

From the photo you can see most of them are drunk specially the guys. Yes I used 'them' cause I was not :) Am scared to drink a lot and get a headache later.

I guess Jan B Banzon had the worst 'tama' since he started drinking early :) From the photo you can see him laying by the benjie laza's shoulder. Mon Caballero and Aster Sotto left before the photo session. Bobby Tuason was visiting from Singapore. Learned he is now with Agfa. He was not able to join us last Dec 2003 silver jubilee celebration, since he had a new job and was stationed at Malaysia then.

Winnie chose Ice Vodka since its owned by another Atenean and she was able to extend the happy hour price. Our two Bio girls, Sally and Renee mixed vodka and red wine well. They didnt seem as drunk as the guys. At least we had two doctors in case someone got sick due to too much drinking :)

Sonny Clutario, Marcy Rivera, Mon Jarencio, Jovie Sison our Call Center guru and Innove's Clarisse (who arrived last) were also present.

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