Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dinner with Michael

Had dinner last night with Michael Loh, publisher of Spa Asia magazine and organizer of the biggest Wellness Summit in asia.

I promised to treat him for dinner when he visits manila since he helped me find my laptop when I lost in thailand last august. Of course I almost went crazy when I found out my laptop was missing so Michael true to his name was an angel when he was able to trace this.

Rowena and Monica who just joined Phil Daily Inquirer were with us. Since the place was really noisy from the non stop singing, we decided to move to another place for coffee. First choice was Nicotina but it was closed so we moved to Mina Gabor's The Garden. Fortunately they were sitll open at past 10pm since Mina had a guest from the govt of Maldives and invited some lifestyle editors to her place. It was really great conversation for everyone was enthusiastic about the growing Wellness Industry.

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