Sunday, October 29, 2006

PICS at SEO Phils BeerCon

Attended the SEO Philippines BeerCon 2006 last saturday night upon the invitation of Marc Macalua list owner of they Search Engine Optimization mailing list.

Photo collage (note: had to replace collage with actual shots for blogger didnt want to accept this weird, since it was done in picasa) shows other directors from the Philippine Internet Commerce Society (PICS) and colleagues in the industry Edna and Arnold Belleza, Erwin Oliva, Bobby Gantuangco, Rowena Rivera, Mon Lizardo, and Aileen Apolo, google Philippine consultant who was a guest speaker.

Marc raffled off an I-pod based on a raffle which I was asked to draw. I picked a number from three halloween containers which gave the number 43. Whoever was in that google rank got the prize. Lucena dot com apparently won the prize.

Drinks and food abound at Jill's restaurant at the Fort Strip. I didnt realize that a colleague back in college, Ito Ramirez, PLDT executive was part owner of the place.

Didn't plan to stay long but left the place close to midnight.

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