Monday, September 18, 2006

My Chi Spa experience

Was able to finally have my treatment at this famous, luxurious and definitely expensive spa getaway right at the Shangrila Mactan grounds.

My appointment was 830pm, the last call but was told to be there by 8pm so despite the rains I rushed to the place before the cocktails ended. I wanted to make full use of whatever time I have at this spa and get my money's worth.

Unfortunately I got pissed during the first half hour for I was made to wait while they sort out their screwed schedule. I wouldnt like to prattle off the booboo in their preliminary procedures right now.

Nevertheless, I tried to forget the upset to enjoy and indulge in the treatment I chose 'Traveller's retreat". The spa offered seminar delegates a special package priced at 4,500 but I wanted to experience the villa and get a really good massage. The package included only some facials and/or foot massage.

The villa assigned to me apparently was used by the president's spouse when their party visited earlier. I was informed that the president used the Grand villa good for four people since the spouses couldnt be together for security purposes.

I insisted on taking a quick shower prior to the salt scrub. The villa was similar to Dulaya in Bangkok although a bit more luxurious and spacious.

After the salt scrub, showered again to remove the debris then on to the herbal steam bath for a few minutes. By the way, I like the smell of the mild rosemary shampoo but not the deep lime shower gel. It sort of smelled like durian :)

The therapist then proceeded to do the algae body wrap good for detoxification. After half an hour or so, showered to remove the smelly seaweed then went for the himalayan bath. The warm bath was filled with coconut milk with the usual petals afloat.

The bath was located right outside the villa but still on private grounds. One can stay overnight at the villa so you can see some tables, seats and wooden benches around the garden a few meters away from the bath.

After the himalayan bath, I was given the final treatment which was the very relaxing Vitality massage using Earth aromatheraphy oils.

I was told that I was primarily a Fire person a secondarily an earth person. The therapist asked me to smell both the fire and earth oils and was made to choose which I felt smelled stronger. I pointed to the earth oil so that was what she used on me.

Right after the treatment, I was given a Fire pure soap and recommendation list.

All in all it was really a great experience! How I wish I could do that all over again this time overnight but I guess I need to earn tons of money to afford that :)

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