Friday, January 21, 2005

Still on my new notebook

technician with my ntbk Posted by Hello

So much stuff to do with my new notebook. I left my old notebook the other night so the store tech could transfer files to an external hard disk. Yesterday afternoon I brought my new notebook so he could re transfer all the files to my new one.

I went back in the evening to get it but I requested that he activates the bluetooth and move my emails too. It took us a bit past 9pm for my apparently tons of mails to be moved (store actually closes 8pm and staff needed to leave 9pm).

Well he couldnt figure out the bluetooth thing so I have to bring it back today. Also, I found out there were some important files not transferred.

I noticed when I tried out a DVD two days ago, the sound was not that loud so while waiting for my notebook last night I noticed reasonably priced small speakers, a genius brand and altec lansing. Just to be sure I got the altec and boy was the sound a lot better! Actually this notebook is already equipped with JBL speakers but for DVD watching still won't do.

To complete my gadgets thirst, I also got a new videocam, genius brand but better resolution than an old one I bought years back and a 128mb iomega micro mini usb drive. My old reliable flash card gets to be immediately full at only 32mb. The last time I needed to copy some speakers presentation in our last forum, they didnt fit.

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