Thursday, January 20, 2005

My new notebook

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After my meeting last night with Innove and Norelyn, I went straight to Electroworld to check out the price of an external hard disk. I have been scared of what might happen to my old toshiba since there is hardly any space left. The cd writer has not been working since last year.

Would you believe, after I tried asking how much an ASUS notebook was (saw a reasonably priced Ad for a top of the line release) the salesperson all of a sudden offered a new compaq ntbk with the same top of the line features - centrino, 40gb, wide screen, jbl speakers, multi card reader, blue tooth! hmmm made me think. I still didnt have the money but insisted on using my new amex platinum.

Of course as expected, they didnt like the card and kept prodding me to use citibank at zero interest. Unfortunately for them I am a banker and I told them it will come out more expensive for me once I use citibank for they have no separate installment package. They include it in the total billing.

I negotiated really hard for they were adding on around 6k for amex. I think it was really meant for me for they had to secure so many approvals to give the same price. Besides, I called ewic my consultant and he said its a good deal. I was not so keen on compaq then for I had a bad experience two notebooks ago :)

I hardly slept last night downloading so many stuff priority of which was the service pack 2 for hp and other security patches plus of course hello, picassa, google add-ons and a host of others.

I requested the store today to transfer files from my old notebook but since its around 20gb or so I had to leave it so he can finish it by tomorrow.

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lovetoride aka tito lits said...

congrats on becoming an owner of a brand new notebook. my bday is coming up very soon. would an ipod charge to that brand new shiny platinum amex put a dent on your budget? :) cheers!