Friday, December 09, 2005

A gift of our Lady

It was the feast of the Immaculate Conception yeterday and a holy day of obligation. I was not feeling too well so rested at home. I think my blood pressure went up due to past days activities.

I had so many calls and had to send urgent emails to some people so I was rushing like mad to reach Don Bosco church on time. The unexpected traffic didnt help any. I saw my watch and it said 415pm. I was still on the expressway. The mass is aWt 430pm. If there was no traffic it would have been ok but I guess being December expect the hassle.

I felt guilty for Mama Mary has always been good to me and I will be late on her special day! The clock is ticking away. When I reached the skyway it was way past 430pm. Gosh I said to myself, hope the church hymns are long and the priest will not talk too fast so I can reach even up to the gospel.

We went fairly fast after the skyway so we reached the church around 450pm. It was still raining but I was suprised the main doors were opened! I was wondering what part of the mass that was. I saw Joy, one of our favorite manangs. I asked what happened, because it seems the mass has not started. Don Bosco masses always start on time. She said there was an ordination of priests and everyone in the religious community was present so the priest got delayed.

I was so happy becuase I felt mama mary did that for me. She knew I will be late and didnt want me to be thus the ordination stretched longer so I will be on time :)

Not only that, I forgot about the indulgence - confession and communion with the mass (maritess sent me a text reminder the previous day). Then I saw two priests hearing confession. I asked Joy who was in the other confessional box (Fr. Faroni is a permanent fixture on the other box), she said Fr. Bernie. Oops I said, hmmm I know them both so where will I go?

I decided to take a seat first and rest. Was dizzy, my BP still I guess. After a couple of mins I decided to go to Fr. Faroni's box, with the lesser line. He gets angry when youre bad so some people get scared like me :) But he is dad's favorite confessor so I guess I was meant to go to him this time.

Thanks mama mary for that special sanctifying grace!

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