Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Business matching event with Korean companies

Last Dec. 2, a business matching event was held organized by the Korean Trade office in partnership with the Philippine Internet Commerce Society (PICS).

The delegation was headed by Mr. Eugene Jun, the President of the Incheon Information Technology Industry Promotion Agency (IITPA).

The night before the event, the whole delegation headed by the Korean Trade Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner attended the PICS Christmas party in order to meet other filipino member entrepreneurs and savor filipino celebration.

There were more than 20 firms which signed up to have appointments with the various Korean companies which started 830am till 5pm. I gave a talk on the Overview of the Philippine ICT Industry noontime right after lunch.

There were lots of interesting products from the different korean companies. I was able to sit in three of them but one major problem was the language barrier. Despite the presence of translators, it was really quite a feat trying to understand them. At the start of the conversation, it was pretty easy but once you get into more technical details it was difficult. I tried to use the simplest english but comprehending the heart of the product was quite hard. When you need to discuss details of how a Content Management solution can integrate with the overall portal plan plus underlying structure, wow it sure is quite a gargantuan task trying to make it sound simple.

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