Sunday, November 13, 2005

A week in Singapore for business and more

Had been here in Singapore since Monday to attend the Safety and Security exhibtion at the Singapore Expo grounds since for the first time, the product I am distributing in the Phils, will be joining such an event. All the Asian distributors arrived to provide support (China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia).

The Philippine Delegation, four of us, all stayed at Carlton Hotel at the financial district of Singapore.

It was actually a bad time for me for I had been having a bad asthma attack before I left Manila. I was not able to take my meal in the plane for I just slept through the trip. As usual it was very warm in Singapore and I guess what worsened my asthmatic condition was our walking around the hotel under the heat of the sun. We couldnt check in immediately since our rooms were still being made.

We wanted to take lunch and buy some food supplies so bernadette and kenneth wanted to walk around. If it were up to me I would have just stayed inside the hotel.

After checking in, I really needed to rest. I was supposed to meet Chow Boon, another Singaporean colleague but I guess bernadette had difficulty waking me up. I had no sleep prior to this day for I had to pack after a major event at mega mall.

The following day, I felt a bit better and we motored all the way to the expo for the opening. The following day I didnt attend for I preferred to rest. I kept coughing the day before, after all the actitivities - US Embassy sponsored cocktails and a meeting with Tyron principals.

Its past 4am right now, just woke up to repack my luggage. Will post again the continuation when I reach manila.

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