Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Binging on Gadgets

Went to Sum Lin (not sure of spellling) bldg as singaporean friends recommended for the best prices of laptops and other electronics I had been dreaming of purchasing a tiny laptop like the toshiba libretto although a batchmate based also in singapore recommended a Sony Vaio
Off to the mall I went and upon entry spotted very small versions of camcorders. I was just curious on how much these cost so I asked but actually ended up buying the smallest version, which is the Fisher cameracorder (stills/DVD).

The only gadget I really planned to buy was an I-Pod Nano similar to what Arnold showed me when I had dinner with him and edna a few days prior to my trip. He mentioned that the price was a bit lower than that in manila. I went straight to the Apple Center at Wheelock Center (Orchard). I drooled over the latest models specially of the Ipod Photo and Video but my budget was just for a 2bg nano. The stocks really went very fast for as I was deciding on which color and model to get, I noticed some immediately got out of stock.

I decided to get the black since it was not common. Those few mins of indecision just left me with the white nano ( I got it lest it disappears at once. Tony, a British business colleague wanted to buy a nano the following day but the stocks were gone and waiting to be replenished.

When I went up the bldg to check on the laptops, I noticed that the best bet would be the tiny sony vaio. The price though was too dear for me. There was a small tablet type but it was a celeron so a no no for the heavy user moi.

I ended up though with a twinhead.

Two regrets - I should have bought the ipon video and sony vaio, I just needed to control my expenses so I guess those two will remain a dream purchase )

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