Tuesday, April 26, 2005

PICS Planning at Oakwood

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The other weekend the new board of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society spent its precious 'rest' time to plan for the year's activities. Oakwood as suggested by Winthrop was a great choice!

I was able to attend a seminar at oakwood when it newly opened but never got the chance to see and stay in its serviced apartment till this time. We got a two room place and it was complete with washing machine, dryer, dvd and vcd player plus broadband which was a requirement.

Unfortunately, we were not really able to make use of all the luxurious amenities for presentations, discussions, including hooking up with Bobby who was in the US took us till past 4am therefore all we can do then was just sleep :(

We were forced to wake up early despite the fatigue for we didnt want to miss the sumptuous buffet breakfast. If we were not able to use all the other hotel comforts at least we were sure we didnt forsake the meal :)

Not in photo is Mike who had to escape a few hours for a date (!) and Bobby who was in San Francisco.

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Mike Abundo said...

It was a birthday party, not a date. Honest. :)