Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Blog Mania

Early last week I got an invitation to join yahoo 360, a community of sorts which includes blogging. A few days later I received another blog invite this time from Friendster!

Friendster has partnered with type pad. I was excited to use its other features esp the links and, gosh I forgot the term but its something you drag on the browser so next time you want to post a link to a story you dont need to open your friendster blog to post. Unfortunately it has so many bugs that its a feat just trying out some of the other features.

I guess Google is still tops for having the first mover advantage as well as using Picassa and hello for the photo hosting. I think Yahoo bought Flickr but I prefer picassa :)

1 comment:

digitalfilipino said...

I agree with you Maan and hope they improve soon.