Sunday, April 15, 2007

Reminiscing Capri while watching "It Started in Naples" DVD

Just finished watching this DVD I bought in New York last year. Its an old classic made in the 60s.
Of course one main reason I bought this was it was the movie was made in one of my favorite regions. I particularly loved all the scenes in Capri where most were filmed.
I remembered our visit to Capri during my 2002 trip with Bebeth. I originally wanted to stay in the place overnight but we couldnt find a place so opted for Sorrento. It was raining the whole time so was not able to see much specially the Blue Grotto which for years I had been wanting to visit.
At least I was able to see the inside of the cave via this movie. I was able to see only the outside part before as the boats were not allowed to go in when its raining. The movie was a very simple love story nothing great but during those times I just wanted to relax and feel good the movie was a welcome treat.

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